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  Plan of Care-485 Worksheet

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The 2010 SmartScribe Medical POC/485 Worksheet, known as the "CM-3" was created by Select Data with the clinician in mind. By highlighting the related Locator field numbers from the POC and combining them with easy to use checkboxes, it allows the clinician to quickly complete required fields on their plan of care with the stroke of a pen. The Personal Care Orders field also allows the clinician to document not only the frequency and duration of the patient's aide visits but to detail  their duties as well.

Single 1-page assessment, 8 1/2 x 11, 60 lb. white paper, black ink, single side. 2-hole drill top and 3-hole left side. 100 sets shrink wraped per package, 1 per set. (2 part NCR forms also available See Stock Item XXXX_XXXX_XXX)

100 count per set

Price: $9.95
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